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A Prosperous Life: Woman to Woman Wisdom

Answer Key

Determining Your Money Mood

Now that you’ve taken the quiz (hope you had a laugh or two), it’s time to “score” it.   Remember, this is not about limiting who you are in any way, shape or form.  In fact, the totality of you is limitless!  In the context of money, you and I will be focusing on determining how you relate to money, what’s working, what’s not, and ultimately, how to have a healthy and wealthy experience of money.

Did you find yourself relating more to one of these personalities (a.k.a. the Money Mood women)?  You may even have a little of each.  But you’ll know with more and more clarity which Money Mood woman reflects how you feel about money, which dictates how you behave with money.  OK, time to reveal your Money Mood!

Examine each answer carefully.  You will quickly notice each answer correlates to one of the four Money Mood personalities (identified below).  To calculate your Money Mood write down the personality you chose for each question (e.g. if you chose "C" for question 1, you'd write down Generous Genevieve).  Once you've finished this for each of the 8 questions, total the number of each of the Money Mood personalities.  Your Money Mood will be the personality you selected most often.  If you have an equal number of selections, you may be a hybrid, as we mentioned earlier.  Now click on Your Money Mood in the navigation bar (or this link) and begin to uncover your relationship with money!

F = Frugal Francesca   D = Debtor Danielle   G = Generous Genevieve   P = Perfectionist Penelope

Quiz Answer Key

1 – When I think about saving money for my future:

A=(D);     B=(F);     C=(G);     D=(P);

2 – As far as following a budget goes:

A=(D);     B=(F);     C=(P);     D=(G);

3 – The way I feel about credit cards is:

A=(F);     B=(P);     C=(G);     D=(D); 

4 – I would borrow money:

A=(P);     B=(G);     C=(D);     D=(F); 

5 – My favorite Uncle Fred unexpectedly left me $75,000 in his will. I am inclined to:

A=(P);     B=(D);     C=(F);     D=(G); 

6 – To me money means:

A=(F);     B=(G);     C=(D);     D=(P);

7 – If, God forbid, I had to deal with an emergency:

A=(P);     B=(D);     C=(G);     D=(F);

8 – I’m in the mall and I see something I don’t really need, but I REALLY want:

A=(G);     B=(D);     C=(F);     D=(P);

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