Susan McEuen
A Prosperous Life: Woman to Woman Wisdom


I was raised by a single mother of 4 who struggled financially throughout her entire life.  I vowed to become an expert in this field and I created my own financial abundance and independence.   Now it’s my passion and my mission to teach and inspire other women to do the same. 

I have had my own thriving financial planning practice for 28 years. I hold the professional designations of Certified Financial Planner™ and Chartered Financial Consultant™. I have received the President’s Advisory Counsel Award and The Diamond Ring Hall of Fame Award (the top 1% of advisors within our franchise of 10,000 advisors).

After growing up with nothing but financial struggle and no security whatsoever, I dedicated myself to becoming prosperous and financially secure.  Now I feel compelled to share my experience and wisdom, particularly with women who are rarely taught how to handle money.  I have been asked by numerous clients to write this book.  I want my readers to understand their money personalities so that they can learn new behavior and take control of their financial lives.

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