Susan McEuen
A Prosperous Life: Woman to Woman Wisdom

Before You Take The Quiz

It’s time to create a lot of fun around a topic that is frequently viewed as anything but – money!  Talk about a shift in perception… What if learning about your own personal Money Mood could actually be enjoyable?  What if this new revelation about you and your relationship to money could actually lighten you up?  What if you could find your way to believing that money is your friend?  All of this and more is possible. 

Just as in life, very few things are completely black and white.  I don’t know about you but I sometimes feel an internal resistance to being categorized or slotted.  Like you, I know that there is SO much more to me than this particular aspect or that particular tendency. Throughout almost three decades of advising [hundreds, thousands] of clients, I have found it supremely helpful to really get to know each person I meet so I can individualize my advice and ultimately, our financial plan accordingly. Although there are many variations on behavioral themes and attitudes towards money, there are four predominant and distinctive characteristics or traits that we will address in this book.

Chances are you will be a hybrid. Very few of us operate from only one Money Mood. When you take this quiz, choose the answers that most accurately reflect how you think and what you do most of the time. You might occasionally find yourself feeling torn between two answers, so I have a suggestion. If you can’t decide which fits you best, imagine how someone who knows you very well might answer for you. The Money Mood Quiz is designed to contribute to your self-awareness. No self-condemnation allowed! Each personality has its own pros and cons. Sometimes your attributes can work to your detriment and vice versa.

By the way, you might just find yourself smiling as you take the quiz. Will wonders never cease? Finding humor in a subject that usually feels so heavy – who knew? If ever there was a time to take a light hearted approach to a serious matter, it’s now!

Take The Money Mood Quiz

1 – When I think about saving money for my future:

A. I believe that the Universe will align everyone and everything necessary to bring my dreams to fruition so enjoying today is the only way to go!

B. It feels like I will never accumulate enough financial assets so I’d better buckle down, work harder and save more ‘cause you never know…

C. I get a little panicky because I always seem to give my money away, which has not left much in the way of savings for me and my future.

D. I feel pressure hoping I calculated accurately so that I am putting enough money into my IRA, my savings account and my investments for my children’s future.

2 – As far as following a budget goes:

A. Budget schmudget! What a drag… I prefer to be spontaneous and deal with paying the bills later.

B. I am proud to say that I am a minimalist. My needs are simple and I am extremely disciplined when it comes to adhering to my budget.

C. I closely monitor monthly expenses and stay within a strict budget, but I always feel that I could be more vigilant.

D. I have to admit that I squeak by most months because I have trouble saying No when there are so many worthy causes.

3 – The way I feel about credit cards is:

A. I don’t like ‘em. I pay everything with cash, checks or money orders.

B. They’re a convenient but necessary evil. They make me nervous so I pay them off in full every month.

C. I try to pay at least the monthly minimums. I tend to buy a lot of gifts with my credit cards.

D. Love ‘em! Well, I love them when I’m at the mall, but when it’s time to pay bills… not so much.

4 – I would borrow money:

A. If the loan was short-term with a competitive interest rate. Even then I’d feel anxious about re-paying it asap.

B. To build an animal shelter.

C. To buy my dream home, take vacations, get a Mercedes Benz.

D. As a last resort. I never want to owe anything to anyone.

5 – My favorite Uncle Fred unexpectedly left me $75,000 in his will. I am inclined to:

A. Feel relieved to have so much money to put towards my kids college fund, but worried that I might not be investing it in the best way.

B. Have a whopper of a shopping spree followed by that trip to Australia that I’ve always wanted to take, flying First Class, of course!

C. To put half in my savings account and cleverly hide the other half in my house.

D. Give to my favorite charities and help out my brother and his family. Then I’ll see if there’s any money left to pay my bills.

6 – To me money means:

A. Security. Spending it makes me feel uneasy, but saving it makes me feel proud and safe.

B. Philanthropy. I do my best to stay on top of my bills, but money is for sharing and giving and making a difference.

C. Pleasure! Spending it gives me such an instant gratification rush.

D. Reward. The harder I work, the more I should be compensated.

7 – If, God forbid, I had to deal with an emergency:

A. I’d be feeling stress-overload for not being as thrifty a saver and as shrewd an investor as I could have been.

B. I’d be freaking out. I guess I would have to rely on the kindness of strangers….

C. I’d be upset with myself for giving away what I should have been saving…

D. I’d scramble around my house and find all of the money I’ve secretly socked away.

8 – I’m in the mall and I see something I don’t really need, but I REALLY want:

A. I would feel guilty treating myself to something frivolous when there are so many people and animals suffering in our world.

B. I’m buying it! Carpe diem! It makes me happy to buy what I want and being happy is the purpose of life!

C. I am not about to blow my money diet! Besides I’m addicted to saving money, not spending it.

D. I’d have to feel that I have worked hard enough to earn a reward to even consider buying something like that.

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