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A Prosperous Life: Woman to Woman Wisdom

 Your Money Mood

Frugal Francesca –

ADVANTAGES = Exceptionally efficient and thrifty with money; simple needs make her very low maintenance; makes well thought out buying decisions; highly disciplined human!

OPPORTUNITIES = Stringently tight controls over her money and her life; often pays with cash only and does not build credit; rarely makes time to have fun and enjoy life.

If your dominant Money Mood is that of Frugal Francesca, you are to be commended! Your ability to exert rigorous control over your finances, as well as many other aspects of your life, is a rare and inspiring attribute. You know that you are not necessarily cheap, nor are you always rigid. In fact, your ability to discipline yourself is quite laudable, indeed! It’s likely that you are often uptight about money and can sometimes limit your life by playing it too safe and secure. Living too small a life will never do for you, Francesca – especially when you’ve got such an expansive Spirit! Rather than putting all of your effort into trying to contain that kind of power, why not apply that exemplary discipline and thoughtful nature of yours to learning more about what money can do for you? Fun and freedom (on your terms) are yours to claim!

Debtor Danielle -

ADVANTAGES = Lives very much in the NOW; experiences a lot of fun and adventure living in this spontaneous, vivacious, carpe diem manner; believes that life is to be enjoyed!

OPPORTUNITIES = Instant gratification oriented: buy now and experience the euphoria then pay later and experience the anxiety and the shame; impatient, impetuous and heavily in debt.

If your responses reflect Debtor Danielle’s Money Mood, you possess an incredible passion for life! You hold the torch of fun and adventure for those of us who seriously need to lighten up! You often exhibit a child-like spontaneity, which is refreshing and much needed in our society. However, as a mature woman you realize that the instant gratification of impulsive buying is often followed by delayed anxiety. And your lack of financial preparedness is keeping you up at night. Consequences – don’t like ‘em one bit, and yet they are a fact of life. But never fear, Danielle! You don’t have to wear gray and restrain your joi de vivre! Let me show you how you can become just as “addicted” to saving money as you were to spending it!

Generous Genevieve –

ADVANTAGES = Lives to give mentality; very magnanimous, compassionate nature; often involved in worthy causes; BIG heart!

OPPORTUNITIES = Has trouble saying NO; takes care of others at her own expense; gives to everyone but herself and neglects her own financial future.

If your Money Mood answers add up to Generous Genevieve, you are one loving and lovable woman! If only others were 1/100 as altruistic as you… Your natural inclination is to give, give and give some more. They broke the mold of compassion when they made you, Genevieve. But you were not born with a permanent defect in your instincts for self-preservation. You’ve acquired this proclivity for selflessness and by now you’ve realized that it doesn’t always work in your favor. In fact, a lifetime of over-giving has left you feeling drained of energy and full of stress. Genevieve, you and that heart of yours are mighty powerful, so hold-tight to your generosity! You need not, nor could you ever, morph into a selfish person. But you do need to fill your own cup before you can overflow enough to bestow your precious energy upon others. Together we can re-direct some of that care-taking into taking care of you and your finances!

Perfectionist Penelope –

ADVANTAGES = Excellent work ethic: high achiever in every aspect of her life; extremely focused and productive – can do the job of ten humans!

OPPORTUNITIES = Never satisfied and often frustrated; has trouble relaxing; hyper-critical of herself, and sometimes others; stressed out much of the time.

If your Money Mood resonates with Perfectionist Penelope, you truly are extraordinary. You are a force of nature! Who gets more done in one day than you? No one, that’s who! Your standards of excellence soar beyond the stratosphere and when you set a goal for yourself, you don’t just achieve it, you surpass it! You know how to be productive every moment of the day like nobody’s business. But you’re never really satisfied, are you? You push and push your envelope relentlessly, always feeling pulled in a thousand directions. How long before you reach a point of diminishing return? Your adrenal glands are waving the white flag and your ATP is about to plotz! The more you deplete your physical and emotional energy, the further you seem to deplete your bank account. Maybe a new way of life will reveal a new Penelope to you… It’s time to learn how to apply your remarkable tenacity into living a healthier, wealthier life!

What's Next

You have taken the Money Mood Quiz and determined which Money Mood Woman you relate to most.  Then you read a little about your mood(s) and probably snuck a peak at the other ones too – excellent! Now that you know who you are in relationship to money, it’s time to learn more about how you can leverage your Money Mood’s advantages and manage your growth opportunities, so to speak, so you can de-stress, be financially secure and love your life! 

In my book, “A Prosperous Life: Woman to Woman Wisdom” you and I will not only put together the pieces of your financial puzzle, we will also co-create your ideal puzzle picture, and just how to get there from here.  I promise you, this can be a life-altering AND enjoyable process! 

“A Prosperous Life: Woman to Woman Wisdom” will soon be available.  Please stay tuned.  Go to my CONTACT page and complete the brief form so we can keep you updated on both the book and my web page! 

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